Sow Crate/Pig Fence with Manger for Raising Pig
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Sow Crate/Pig Fence with Manger for Raising Pig

sow locating crates / pig crates / sow persition crates with a group of 10 manger

Sow Crate/Pig Fence with Manger for Raising Pig
steel Sow positioning bar with 10manger( 10spacing per set)

INTRODUCTION: (Sow positioning bar is a product of large-scale, intensive farming)
Location bar can be achieved because the timing of quantitative, small footprint and ease of management recognized by the majority of farms. Due to the long-term incorrect breeding, foreign breeding motherhood is reduced in the course of their activities easily crushed piglets. To reduce the possibility of crushed piglets of sows, and now the vast majority of farms using sow positioning bar restricts the movement. Using seek bar, not only sow decubitus ulcers and shoulder possibilities to further reduce, while also reducing the sow piglets inherited immunity.

11 pcs as a group, for 10 sows. Put Sows into the positioning bar miscarriage before seven days.Specifications of the sow crates is: 2100mm * 600mm , Can be customized according to customer drawings

Sow Crate/Pig Fence with Manger for Raising Pig
Sow positioning bar Advantages:
1. The conservation area, increasing the number of head feeding unit, suitable for
intensive farming.
2. Easy feeding and management, to facilitate feeding and manure cleanup, reduce labor
3. To facilitate the statistics, live in sows positioning column glance, statistics listed, not
prone to error.
4. Avoid sow strife, reduce abortion rates.

Size of High cultivation positioning bar and sow positioning crate are same, but you can easily move for High cultivation positioning bar, the difference is in the middle of the positioning bar to add an arch lifting frame, gilts after the seek bar driven into the lifting frame set in the small mother pig back in front of the fixed portion is inserted beneath one Sow prevent a wooden back. Then came the big boar breeding is. No matter how much the boar will not crush Sow. One person operation, it is convenient to use this method also solves the Sow hurts, walk around Sow Sow boar to climb down the problem.

Crates tube thickness 1.8mm:
A group of crates ten sows bits, including eleven large frame (each large frame guaranteed 30 pounds), ten pairs of front and back doors and six stabilizing rod. Width per sow place are 58cm and 62cm (according to customer response improved dimensional) to choose from.

Sow Crate/Pig Fence with Manger for Raising Pig
Materials used:

- Carbon steel pipe ,Galvanized Steel ,Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper
- Goods dimension: according to drawings

- Processing machine: CNC punching, CNC bending, CNC forming, laser cutting,
TIG/MIG welding, assembly.

-Surface Finishing: polishing,Hot dip galvanizing, Powder coating,
painting, plating, anodizing, Sandblasting, etc.

(Thickness of the tubes of different sizes can be customized navigation bar according to customer needs)

Hot Dip Galvanized Pig fence
Material Carbon Steel Pipe ø20mm and ø14mm
Finish Hot Deep Galvanised
Size 2.13*0.63*1.1m 2.28*0.63*1.1m 2.43*0.63*1.1m
Accessory Feeder and Drinker
40 HQ



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