Pig Breeding Farms for Pig Rearing Equipment and for Anmial Feedr Use
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Pig Breeding Farms for Pig Rearing Equipment and for Anmial Feedr Use

sow crate/Sow positioning bar/Galvanized Pig Fece/ Pig cage
Pig Breeding Farms for Pig Rearing Equipment and for Anmial Feedr Use
steel Sow positioning bar with 10manger( 10spacing per set)

Product Description
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CX-474
  • Quality Grade: I
  • Technology Grade: Patented Product
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 84369100
  • Life Duration: 10 Years
  • Material Grade: 100% Virgin Material
  • Trademark: Goldenest
  • Origin: China
Product Description
1. Pig dry and wet feeder
Capacity Price Size Bottom size Weight Container
50kg 112$--118$ Height 1.18m
Width 0.7m
Length 0.644m
Width 0.42m
25.2kg 220set/20'container
530set/40' H container
100kg 145$--154$ Height 1.25m
Width 0.95m
Length 0.817m
Width 0.472m
31.8kg 200set/20' container
480set/40' H container
304 stainless steel feed drop pipe / water pipe/ feed bottom trough
Hot galvanized frame pipe
100% PE feeder body

Eat and drink at same trough,keep less feed waste
Keep feed and water separate, prevent feed mildew
Both side feed,could adopt 50 fattening pig together

2. Pig slats floor
Standard and size Material Weight Hole size Unit price ($)
545mm*600mm Engineering polypropylene
100% PP
2.35kg 90mm*12mm 6.1--6.5$
545mm*460mm 1.75kg 90mm*12mm 4.4--4.9$
600mm*600mm 2.6kg 90mm*12mm 6.2-6.6$
545mm*600mm cast iron 17.8--19.4$
1. Front are our standard size, other size and specification also have, decided by your require.
2. Made by modern molding, the slats finish in one-time.
3. Plus patent recipe, to keep anti-oxidants, anti-inhibitor, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, high strength, high bearing.
4. Keep 20 years using life.

3. Pig single stall

The price: 75--85$/piece (stall with sow feed trough ) (10 single stall/set)
The size : 2.2m*0.6m
The material : hot galvanized steel (also have stainless steel material)
The advantage: International standard steel pipe, CNC bending, welding, removal rust and burring, overall hot-dip .
4. Pig double farrowing crates

The price: 830--895$/Set (Japanese Style Specification )
790--850$/set (Standard Specification)

The size : 2.2m*3.6m
Every Set include following equipment:
(1). two sow stall (made by hot galvanized , also could make by stainless steel)
(2). two incubator in PVC warming room
(3). two sow feed trough (stainless steel or cast iron)
(4). two piglet feed trough (stainless steel)
(5). Cast iron slat for sow area / plastic slats for piglet area and incubator area .
(6). Triangle beam and support legs for slats floor

Japanese Style use more material , more weight than Standard Specification farrowing crates.
5. Piglet connection nursery crates

The price : 570-- 605$/set
The size : 2.2m*3.6m
Every set include following equipment:
(1). Two piglet crates (made by hot galvanized , also could make by stainless steel)
(2). One 50kg dry and wet feeder
(3). Piglet plastic slats (545mm*600mm)
(4). Triangle beam and support legs for slats floor

6. Pig feed dispenser for farrowing feeding system

The price: 13.9--15.5$/piece
The material: made by engineering plastics, obtain newest patent.The material is same with bulletproof, keep best strong and diaphaneity, even two people stand on ! Not PP material .
The capacity: 4.2 L
Use for 60mm and 75mm diameter tube, other specification also could custom.
Accurately control and clear display feed level .
7. Pig stainless nipple drinker
3/4'' and 1/2" nipple drinker for sow and piglet

Contrast of 3/4" and 1/2" Different model
The accurately price based on your order quantity ,welcome to inquiry
8 . Pig circle bucket feeder
Capacity(kg) Height(mm) Diameter Used for Material Price ($)
30 620 380 30 piglet Stainless body
Cast iron bottom
100 955 475 30 fattening 138--148$
9. Pig double side stainless feeder
Product Size Weight Material Price($)
Large(for fattening) 1250*750*900 53.7kg 304SS
Thickness 1mm
Small(for piglets) 900*500*550 24.7kg 168-185$
1. Made by 304 stainless, more clean and healthy,more durable, long using life.
2. Double side, every side have 5 feed grids.

10. Pig stainless feed trough and drink bowl
Product Item Specification Size(mm) Material Weight(g Price($)
feed trough
large Dia 320 304 stainless
930 8.8--9.3$
small Dia 280 756 8.4--8.9$
large Dia 320 304 stainless
1380 9.6--10$
small Dia 280 1000 8.8--9.2$
feed trough
large 520*380*240 304 stainless
3400 24.6--26.2
small 420*380*240 2800 21.3--23.1
drink bowl
large Dia 175*135 304 stainless
510 6.2--6.7$
middle Dia 150*110 395 5.6--6.1$
small Dia 130*80 330 4.9--5.5$
drink bowl
large 295*220*140 304 stainless
1300 11.3--11.8
middle 265*180*130 960 9.5--10
small 210*150*110 560 8.7--9.3
11. Pig stall PVC panel

The size: every standard is 30cm height, 3.3cm thickness. And the panel could connect one by one,so could to 60cm height, 90cm height, ect.
The price : 24$/square meter

12. Pig feeding line system
[ Goldenest have professional team, design and quote along your pig house layout]
A. Auger straight feeding line system

With feed dispenser as the sow should feed-limited during farrowing period.

Without feed dispenser during fattening period.

B. Chain-disc cycle feeding line system

13. Feed silo and Feed auger

The feed silo: made by hot galvanized steel or fiberglass. Capacity from 2Ton to 25Ton to choose.
The feed auger: produce technician and lines imported from Germany, We are the only one Germany auger manufacturer in China! The auger made by carbon steel or stainless steel.

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