Cold Drawn U-Steel
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Cold Drawn U-Steel

*U-STEEL / C-STEEL / Z-STEEL / ANGLE STEEL -- Cold Formed Steel
Cold Drawn U-Steel

*Qingdao wanrunda imp and exp Co.,ltd mainly export Cold drawn profile steel, include U steel, C steel, Z steel, angle steel etc. We have CNC machines, we can do punching, cutting, bending etc.
We had exported our cold formed profile steel to many countries, such as USA, Italy,UAE, UK, Europ etc.Also we supply steel pipe/tube, square/rectangular/round shape ; hot rolled steel profile, such as angle, H beam, I beam etc.

*Cold drawn U-steel:
Cold Drawn U-Steel
*Cold drawn C-steel:
Cold Drawn U-Steel
*Cold drawn Z-steel:
Cold Drawn U-Steel
*Cold drawn Angle-steel:
Cold Drawn U-Steel
*Other shape cold drawn profile

Cold Drawn U-Steel

* Cold drawn profile steel Material:
-Carbon steel: Q195/Q235
-Alloy steel: Q345/16Mn
-Stainless steel: 304/316
-Galvanized steel sheet/coil

Normal dimension Thickness(mm) Section height(mm) Length(mm)
U-STEEL 0.9-12 20-400 1-12
C-STEEL C80-C300 1-12
Z-STEEL 1.0-3.5 60-350 1-12
ANGLE 1.0-12 20-300 1-12

U-STEEL: Highway guardrail plate, steel structure, car, container, steel formwork and scaffolding, railway
vehicles, ships and Bridges, steel sheet pile, transmission tower, and other

C-STEEL: Steel structure of purlins, wall beams, can also be combined into a lightweight roof trusses,
brackets and other building components
Z-STEE: Steel frame and scaffolding, solar support shipbuilding, bridges, transmission towers, steel piles,
cable tray, agricultural machinery, furniture, warehousing, building materials, building materials,
building materials, building materials, , Rails, keel steel, vegetable greenhouses, pipe support,
municipal construction and other fields
ANGLE: Widely used in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams,
bridges, transmission towers, lifting transport machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers,
container shelves and warehouse shelves, etc.



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TEL:  +86 532 87202897
MOB: +86 135 89230826
FAX:  +86 532 87202897
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